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St. Benedict


Ridgely, Maryland

St. Elizabeth

of Hungary


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The Parish Council is a lay advisory committee to the pastor.  It is composed of parishioners who are elected by the parish, as well as other members who are appointed by the Pastor. Each member of the Council is assigned to work on at least one of the following committees of the Council: Building, Grounds and Maintenance, Christian Formation, Liturgy, Parish and Family Life, and Social Concerns.  (COUNCIL STRUCTURE)


As a part of a Parish Leadership Night, the Parish Council typically meets on the second Wednesday of each month from September through June at 7:00p.m. (2015-16 MEETING DATES)  Members are charged with becoming familiar with the various aspects of parish organization in order to provide a high level of advice and assistance to the Pastor in relation to the management of parish affairs and the fulfillment of the parish’s mission statement. 




MINUTES from all Parish Council Meetings will be made available to any parishioner upon request.   Submit your request to the Parish Office by calling 410-634-2253 or by sending an e-mail to parishoffice@beparish.com


Presiding Officer:  Rev. John B. Gabage, Pastor

Executive Officer:  Andrea Schulte


Executive Committee:  Fr. John Gabage, Andrea Schulte, John Walton,Jr., Mike Redgraves, Bernie Liswell, Ed Centofante


Elected Council Members:  John Walton, Jr., Kathryn Belmonte, Dan Tuel, Bridget Pennington, Emily Powell, Domnic Nallathambi, Donald King


Appointed Council Members:  Andrea Schulte


Ex-Officio (Automatic) Council Members:  Deacon Hal Jopp, Deacon Bill Nickum, Ed Centofante (Finance Council Executive Officer)


Staff Members:  Lori Parks,  Maureen Duggan, Marie Freeman





The Parish Finance Council is a consultative body of lay persons established to advise the Pastor on matters pertaining to the financial administration of the parish.  The Finance Council assists the parish in prudent planning and administration of all parish financial matters and the setting of policy and procedures to provide effective management of parish assets.


Members of the Finance Council are appointed by the Pastor.  The relationship between the Pastor and the Council is one of support and collaboration. Canon Law clearly places the Finance Council in a role of assisting the Pastor in planning, coordinating, guiding and directing all financial aspects of parish life.  The Pastor is president and he appoints an Executive Officer who assists him in coordinating the work of the Finance Council.


Executive Officer:  Ed Centofante


Council Members:  Fr. John Gabage, Ed Centofante, Tolbert Rowe, Kenny Wood, Katie Murphy